NES Health prides itself on refining current medical professionals to be their best and creating the next generation of leaders to do their best.

Transition Process

Having trained hundreds of hospitals and ED physician practices over the past three decades, NES Health has perfected the science of taking over our clients’ emergency department management and staffing.

How Our Clinical Outsourcing Partnership Begins

The process of transitioning your emergency department management services typically begins 90 days in advance.

Phase 1

  • NES Health works with you to identify hospital needs and proceed with recruiting. Our recruiters then assemble an attractive package and program for recruiting the Medical Director, physicians, and mid-level providers.
  • Our team studies your ED to determine any deficiencies in credentials, experience, or problems in patient flow and interpersonal relationships. We then make specific recommendations to address these deficiencies.
  • We work with all physicians and mid-level providers to sign contracts as appropriate.
  • An orientation meeting is scheduled for members of the ED medical and nursing staff, administration, and emergency physicians and mid-level providers. This meeting consists of a brief presentation and provides an open, comfortable forum for questions and concerns.
  • NES Health collaborates with your team on a metrics program that will have a portion of net margin at-risk.
  • Technical assistance is provided should you have any issues with electronic health record (EHR) implementation

Phase 2

  • NES Health continues the recruiting process and works with our ED Medical Directors to optimize scheduling.
  • One of your appointed Medical Directors attends our annual Medical Directors Leadership Academy. This program was created to enhance the director’s skills in the areas of personnel, patient flow, finance, use of metrics, ED management, hospital administration and medical staff needs, and patient satisfaction.
  • We work with local ems services to further enhance these relationships and reinforce trust and credibility.
  • NES Health studies and refines any billing process issues.
  • Our Medical Directors work with your hospital’s Quality Assurance team to implement our comprehensive patient safety and quality improvement programs.

Advising you on what to expect and being available to answer your questions are just two of the ways we ensure a smooth and seamless transition. What’s more, since NES Health has dedicated staff to assist clients with this process, you can count on your transition being on or ahead of schedule.

Business Intelligence

At NES Health, we believe business decisions should be driven by facts—not conjecture. Our business intelligence and reporting tools help train you to drill deep into the “nuts and bolts” of your ED operation and get a clear picture of your department’s financial and clinical status.

The following metrics are used to obtain insight into your ED’s performance, pinpoint areas of concern, and create correctional strategies:

Patient flow. Now more than ever, moving patients swiftly through your emergency department is a vital component of your success. NES Health uses a real-time flow dashboard to analyze patient movement through each step of an ED visit at various times of day. This data is translated into metrics that illustrate how long it took to move patients from “door to doctor.” This information is integrated with your hospital’s own data to develop a customized action plan for immediate and ongoing improvement.

Medical care quality. Our National Performance Improvement Team uses cutting-edge software for clinical quality monitoring and process improvement. Tailored to the needs of your organization, this program collects and analyzes data in real time to help us measure quality of care against clinical benchmarks as well as competitor facilities. Key metrics include door-to-doctor times, turnaround times for lab and x-ray, “left without being seen” rates, and unscheduled 72-hour returns.

Patient satisfaction. Our innovative patient satisfaction program complements your in-house customer satisfaction tool to provide real-time feedback on patient satisfaction. Patients complete a survey upon discharge using a convenient touchscreen device. This enables rapid data collection and reporting, eliminating long time lags between critical events and report notification. Through superior and timely information, this program empowers you and NES Health to cultivate a more positive patient experience in your ED.