National Doctors’ Day, NES Health Celebrates our Frontline Heroes!

In honor of National Doctors’ Day, NES Health is proud to celebrate and recognize our all our providers who are dedicated to their communities every day, and especially now in the most challenging of times on the front lines of COVID-19. Despite the risk, our providers continue to sacrifice and give their very best as they care for our family, friends, and neighbors. It’s without a doubt that they are our healthcare heroes.

As an organization, NES Health is committed to the management and staffing of emergency departments and hospitalist programs across the country. Our providers treat and care for more than 520,000 patients each year. The number of people and lives they impact is immeasurable. NES Health’s motto is “Transforming Patient Care, Together” and we are committed and honored to support their critical role in delivering quality healthcare to patients all across the country.

Want to Celebrate Our Healthcare Heroes with NES?

We welcome you to join NES Health in celebrating our Frontline Heroes.

Post a video of you thanking clinical providers for all that they are doing to keep our country safe during the COVID-19 crisis. Make sure to use #NESFrontlineHeroes hashtag.

You can share this video to the following places:

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