Empowering Hospitals with Exceptional Healthcare Management Services

At NES Health, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare management through our specialized services. Our commitment extends across Hospitalist, Emergency Medicine, and Post Acute Care Contract Management, ensuring hospitals receive comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs. With a focus on quality care, operational efficiency, and positive patient outcomes, we partner with hospitals to navigate the complexities of healthcare delivery. Explore our services and discover how we can enhance your hospital’s performance and patient care experience.


NES can enhance your hospital management, with our expertise in hospital medicine, emergency medicine, post-acute care, telemedicine, transitional care, pulmonary services, and critical care.


Hospitals face unique challenges while managing inpatient populations – from ensuring continuity of care to balancing financial resources to supporting clinician wellness and everything in between. NES Health’s hospital medicine program provides dedicated 24/7 in-house teams to improve care and performance through a patient-centered approach with an emphasis on innovative and customizable solutions. Whether a rural hospital needs consistent inpatient coverage or a large metropolitan facility needs to improve CMI, we are here. At NES Health, our hospital medicine services are dedicated to improving the coordination of care in a rapidly evolving industry. We believe that delivering complete and comprehensive medical care requires collaboration, accountability, and successful clinical management skills. Our hospitalist providers and leadership are committed to working with hospital staff and departments to create better experiences and outcomes for patients. We understand that effective clinical management requires engagement and commitment, which is why our hospitalist providers and leadership are dedicated to leading success within hospitals. By working closely with hospital staff and departments, we are able to develop tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each hospital and their patients. At NES Health, we are passionate about delivering exceptional hospital medicine services that improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall healthcare experience. Integrating Emergency and Hospital Medicine services helps achieve improved metrics, physician retention, inpatient care costs, and most importantly – better patient care.


With a proven track record with 22 years in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and 6 years of healthcare operations, Greg brings a wealth of experience to ProBill. Most recently, Greg served as Vice President of Divisional Operations at US Acute Care Solutions and Senior Vice President of Client Services at Alteon Health. Greg completed his undergraduate degree business administration and concentration in accounting and post graduate degree in healthcare administration at the University of Maryland. Greg focuses on developing RCM policies and procedures, guiding us through regulatory changes, and managing external vendor relationships. He plays an active role in onboarding new contracts, developing annual budgets, analyzing data, and works closely with senior leaders to ensure we meet our revenue targets. Additionally, Greg is responsible for implementing a comprehensive compliance program to ensure we maintain the highest standards of service.

Post Acute

At NES Health, our Post Acute Care Management services extend the thread of compassionate and quality healthcare from the hospital to the home. As a physician-owned and managed organization, we bring a unique, hands-on understanding to post-acute care. We offer fullservice, post-acute clinical practice management to partners nationwide. Our clinical and operational practice models can be tailored to our partners’ unique needs, making it the optimal solution for skilled nursing facilities, life plan and continuing care retirement communities and assisted living and independent living communities. Partner with us to elevate the standard of post-acute care, where every patient is treated with the utmost respect and dedication they deserve.


As your critical care partner, NES Health bring a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, working with your leadership and clinical teams across other specialties and the patient’s entire care team to oversee effective treatment plans across your ICU. We offer full-service, critical care management to partners nationwide.

Transitional Care

Our Clinical Teams are skilled and experienced in assisting patients in a wide range of diagnoses while offering continued support throughout the healing process. Our Clinical Team is comprised of a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Nursing Assistants. 


NES Health provides tele-health services, extending cost-effective, specialized care to patients wherever they may be, while improving care quality, documentation compliance, and patient satisfaction.


Day Kimball Hospital Partnership

Since 1980, NES Health has had the privilege of managing the emergency department at Day Kimball Hospital and serving the Putnam, CT community. We are excited to share Mr. Kyle Kramer, CEO of Day Kimball Hospital’s perspective on the impact of our partnership. Experience the transformative partnership between NES Health and NES hospital partner, Day Kimball Hospital. NES Health has proudly served the Putnam, CT community operating the Emergency Medicine program at Day Kimball Hospital for over four decades. Hear from Day Kimball Hospital’s CEO, Kyle Kramer, who shares a compelling attestation of this powerful collaboration.