Chief Executive Officer

Jose Aguirre, MD, SFHM

Dr. Jose Aguirre is renowned for his unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of medical care, nurturing loyal and effective teams, and driving revenue optimization in healthcare. His professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the transformation of healthcare programs on a national scale. A visionary in the medical field, Dr. Aguirre established a healthcare initiative in 2007 that witnessed remarkable growth, leading to a pivotal merger that resulted in the creation of one of the nation’s largest providers of acute care physician services. As the President of Hospital Medicine for NES Health, Dr. Aguirre’s leadership and strategic direction were instrumental in the supervision of an extensive network of clinicians across numerous acute care and long-term care facilities. His role was critical in shaping the organization’s trajectory, fostering its expansion, and cementing its success in the healthcare sector.In his current position as the CEO of NES Health, Dr. Aguirre continues to leverage his extensive expertise and experience. He is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of top-tier hospitalist services across the organization’s extensive network of client hospitals. Dr. Aguirre’s approach is characterized by his commitment to innovative strategies, the cultivation of strong relationships with clinicians, hospital partners, staff and stakeholders, and a constant drive towards excellence in healthcare provision. Dr. Aguirre’s distinguished career is a testament to his profound impact on the healthcare industry, demonstrating a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and dedication to quality care.