Expertise Meets Innovation at NES Health Care

In today’s rapidly evolving health care landscape, managing the intricate billing processes for emergency medicine demands specialized expertise. At NES Health Care, our dedicated coding and billing division, ProBill, combines cutting-edge technology with strategic design to meet the unique needs of multi-specialty physician services.

ProBill’s comprehensive services focus on three core objectives: increasing reimbursement, maximizing compliance, and delivering daily peace of mind for your emergency medicine (EM) billing operations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we consistently and aggressively pursue those challenging-to-collect dollars on behalf of our valued clients.

Experience the NES Health Care Advantage:

  • Specialized expertise tailored to the complexities of emergency medicine billing
  • State-of-the-art technology supporting efficient and accurate claims processing
  • Strategic design to address the specific requirements of multi-specialty physician services
  • Robust services focused on increasing reimbursement, ensuring compliance, and streamlining operations
  • Unwavering commitment to recovering hard-to-collect revenue for our clients

Discover how our ProBill division can provide your practice with the peace of mind and financial success you deserve.