Over 40 Years of Excellence in Emergency Medicine: NES Health’s Tailored Solutions for Your Hospital and Community

With over four decades of targeted experience, NES Health consistently delivers unparalleled emergency medicine insights to our clients. As the field has evolved, so have we, ensuring our staff and resources remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our customized emergency department staffing and management solutions cater to the unique needs of your hospital and community, creating an ED experience that benefits employees, patients, and your financial performance. As NES Health continues to grow, our primary goal remains unchanged: empowering hospitals and clinicians to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Emergency Medicine Staffing and Management: Enhancing Clinical and Financial Health

NES Health’s comprehensive emergency medicine staffing and management solutions provide the people, processes, and technology essential for strengthening your emergency department’s clinical and financial health.

Industry-Leading Clinicians: Building Success through Expertise

Our organization, designed by and for emergency physicians, strives to attract and retain exceptional medical talent for your ED. We support them with resources that foster success, beginning with the appointment of a qualified Medical Director who spearheads transformative change. They are then mentored by a Regional Medical Director, focused on continually improving your department’s performance.

Four Decades of ED Management Expertise: Pioneering Innovation

NES Health has spent over 40 years addressing performance issues in hundreds of emergency departments nationwide, covering medical care quality to patient satisfaction. We’ve transformed our findings into an innovative suite of tools, systems, and programs that empower you to rectify deficiencies and elevate the patient experience:

  • Advanced reporting technologies for continuous ED service delivery monitoring and improvement
  • Patient satisfaction tools and resources targeting common complaints and enhancing patients’ ED experience
  • Leadership development programs with mentoring, training, and ongoing education for NES Health Medical Directors
  • Quality management strategies based on reporting intelligence to boost ED efficiency, patient outcomes, and satisfaction
  • Patient safety programs and risk management initiatives emphasizing awareness, patient evaluation, and documentation
  • Compliance support designed to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk within your ED
  • Billing and coding services for optimized reimbursement and compliance

Tailored Solutions for Critical Access Hospitals

NES Health recognizes the essential role critical access hospitals (CAHs) play in America’s healthcare system. Our emergency department solutions for CAHs are crafted to not only strengthen your financial position but also attract top medical professionals to your facility and community. We offer two specialized CAH service models, allowing you to select the option that best meets your needs:

  • Integrated Emergency Department Services: Ideal for rural hospitals with fewer than 10,000 annual visits, this integrated service model expands the role of our ED physicians to include patient admission, in-hospital care, and discharge. In addition to their inpatients, our physicians care for patients admitted by local primary care providers (PCPs). NES Health physicians collaborate with your PCPs, sharing reports, diagnoses, and consulting via phone, fax, or email to determine the most appropriate care path for the patient.
  • Clinical Staffing: If your CAH has a sufficient number of PCPs admitting and seeing inpatients at your facility, NES Health’s standalone staffing services may be the perfect fit. We leverage our network and recruiting expertise to build a top-tier clinical team committed to delivering an exceptional patient experience. In some cases, your ED can be staffed with physician assistants and clinical nurse practitioners for additional cost savings.

Experience the NES Health difference – discover how our tailored emergency medicine staffing and management solutions can revolutionize your hospital and community. Visit to learn more.